NJ I-Bank and NJDEP Helping to Improve New Jersey's Infrastructure, One Project at a Time

Camden City recently closed on a $2,175,071 loan with the NJ Water Bank for the maintenance and rehabilitation of twelve combined sewer outfalls and seven separate stormwater sewer outfalls to restore the systems to their intended design capacity and operability. The combined sewer outfalls have become obstructed primarily due to sediment build up restricting drainage from the collection system and impeding it from operating as designed. The condition of these structures has resulted in significant environmental problems including overloading the interceptor system and treatment facility, sewer backups, and street flooding. These conditions pose a hazard to the public and increase liability risk to the City of Camden.

The work will take place at various locations within or near the city that directly discharge to either the Delaware River, Cooper River, or Newton Creek. The proposed maintenance and rehabilitation will consist of interior outfall pipeline cleaning, exterior cleaning of silt and debris, tide gate service and maintenance, trash gate installation, access gate installation, headwall installation, concrete patch repair, and vegetation trimming and clearing. This project will minimize localized stormwater flooding that negatively affects the water quality in nearby waterways and is expected to improve traffic access to and from homes and businesses during heavy storm events. 

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