NJ I-Bank and NJDEP Helping to Improve New Jersey's Infrastructure, One Project at a Time

The Warren Township Sewerage Authority recently closed on a $3,000,000 loan with the NJ Water Bank to rehabilitate the sewer collection system and reduce impacts from infiltration and inflow. Infiltration and Inflow or I/ I are terms used to describe how groundwater and stormwater enter into dedicated wastewater or sanitary sewer systems. Wastewater or sanitary sewers are created from pipes that are designed to transport wastewater from sanitary fixtures inside houses or places of business. Inflow and infiltration add stormwater to sewer systems increasing their load.  Stormwater sewers are normally much larger than sanitary sewer systems because they are designed to carry much larger amounts of water. When stormwater enters sanitary sewer systems, it must be transported and treated like sanitary wastewater. Once the sanitary sewer systems have reached capacity or become overloaded, wastewater flows at a much higher water level than normal and if sanitary fixtures or drains are below this overload level, water will flow backward through the sanitary sewer pipe, flooding basements or households and causing manholes to pop open releasing wastewater onto the street. 

This project will reduce the I/I and expand the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant to meet the service area needs. Approximately 31,129 linear feet of 8" pipe and 997 linear feet of 12" sanitary lines will be rehabilitated using cured in place pipe lining. Manholes will also be rehabilitated as necessary.

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