NJ I-Bank and NJDEP Helping to Improve New Jersey's Infrastructure, One Project at a Time

The Salem County Improvement Authority (SCIA) recently closed on a $8,500,000 loan with the NJ Water Bank for the construction of a double composite lined Landfill Cell 10 covering approximately 8.0 acres. The cell construction is designed in accordance with NJDEP regulations and the SCIA solid waste facility permit to protect ground water and surface water quality. 

A clay berm will be constructed around the perimeter of the cell to contain deposited solid waste. A series of liners have been layered on top of each other to prevent punctures, collect liquid, detect leaks and connect to the liner systems of the adjacent cells.

The proposed Landfill expansion will include a leachate collection system, leachate pumping and conveyance facilities, a groundwater monitoring system, and a landfill gas monitoring system. The leachate will drain by gravity to pumps within sumps located within the lined landfill area to the leachate storage facility. The leachate system for Cell 10 will be connected to the existing landfill leachate collection system.  All leachate produced by the Landfill is hauled offsite for treatment and disposal.

Two landfill gas monitoring wells (LGMW) located in the area designated for the construction of Cell 10 will be removed and five new LGMWs will be installed around the perimeter of Cell 10 and monitored in accordance with Landfill permit requirements.     

The site of proposed Cell 10 is currently occupied by the existing Landfill administrative office building, personnel building, the paved parking area, and associated site utilities and landscaping which will be removed and demolished.


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